Maurice Smith - Can’t Fight The Feeling (vocal) / (instrumental)

Maurice Smith - Can’t Fight The Feeling (vocal) / (instrumental)

Recently Retro Reviews: Maurice Smith - Can’t Fight The Feeling (vocal) / (instrumental)

Soulside Productions A-69-3

Release Year: 2016

I have to say I’m thoroughly enjoying this record review project. Not only do I get to report to you about finding great music, but I also get more killer records for the archives. At the end of the day, I’m a record collector. Record reviews have always been a good place for me to start learning about music I might be interested in, so I’d like to provide that for you… or for anyone out there who possibly wants it. 

It’s a soul-revival single today from the Soulside Productions label. According to Discogs, there’s only a handful of releases from this label, with the last release happening in 2017. All other products offered from them are t-shirts on Etsy, so it’s sad to say the music label portion of Soulside is no longer producing records. I’m basing this ‘sad to say’ on one single. I haven’t taken the time to seek out audio on the rest of Soulside’s releases. I’m assuming the other selections are good, because this Maurice Smith record is. My abbreviated take on the song as a whole? Smith’s “Can’t Fight The Feeling” is a nod to Memphis soul, Motor City Soul, and Chicago Soul all on one track, and it’s performed by musicians who love the music they’re playing.

Discogs states that Maurice Smith is a photographer, and “Can’t Fight The Feeling” is his only record. Smith does a fine job singing here, with a vocal sound reminiscent of Eddie Kendricks combined with the phrasing and rhythm of Curtis Mayfield. The backing band is tight, and they bring the energy to this mid-fast tempo dancer. The arrangement and production value reach for the motor city sound, coming close to the feel of the Funk Brothers… close enough that Northern Soul DJ’s can easily sandwich this cut between two 60s records and no one would think twice about “Can’t Fight The Feeling” being a modern track. For what this song is, the previous sentence is the ultimate compliment.




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