The Sami Linna Quartet - Mode For Tomorrow / Umoya

The Sami Linna Quartet - Mode For Tomorrow / Umoya

Recently Retro Record Review of The Sami Linna Quartet - Mode For Tomorrow / Umoya 

New Look / Timmion NL 006  2019

I live for finding records like this one, and playing them for any and all who will listen with thirsty ears. From super-cool funk/soul record label Timmion out of Finland came a jazz subsidiary named New Look in the early 20-teens. I can only speak towards one record from the label, but if The Sami Linna Quartet’s “Mode For Tomorrow” is any indication of what’s to be found in New Look’s other releases, I may need another side-hustle to support my 45 habit. Seriously.

Here’s what I can tell you. Guitarist Sami Linna was completing his doctorate in modality in jazz expression at the time of this release, and percussionist Dana Hall was completing his in ethnomusicology. Saxophonist Jussi Kannaste and Organist Mikko Heleva were-then and are-now catalysts and statesmen of the Finnish jazz scene. All four of these well-schooled, well-learned masters of their individual domains make for compelling soul jazz that nods to Blue Note with fresh energy and style… at least on these two tracks. I must hear more.

Did I mention there’s a full-length out on this group, and “Mode For Tomorrow”, the album version, is double the length of the 45 version? Make that two side-hustles needed…. one for singles and one for LPs. The skinny here is this little record is incredible. The label is incredible. The musicians are incredible. You’ll hear it in the first 30 seconds, and you won’t want to let go. Enjoy. :)




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