The Rolling Stones - Happy / All Down The Line

The Rolling Stones - Happy / All Down The Line

As I went back to research this copy of "Happy" I'm presenting to you today, I noticed something a little odd for a record released in 1972. I haven't had the time to research other countries' releases yet, but in the US, there were both mono and stereo versions of this disc released commercially. Mono was near death by 1972, with most issues released only as promos to mono-broadcasting AM stations. Not to say that record companies didn't release new songs in mono going into the mid-70s... smaller labels did so to save money. But, Rolling Stones Records was manufactured and distributed by Atlantic Records... one of the biggest labels in the world at that time. I wonder why.

Now that I've gotten that bit of info out, let's chat about these two songs from their incredible double LP Exile On Main Street. Both tracks are loose and rough-edged to the point of perfection, if you get what I'm saying. Keith Richards's lead vocal on "Happy" is part of that rough edge. "All Down The Line" is my second favorite cut on the classic double-disc... second only to "Rocks Off". You can hear the direct correlation between the Stones and future acts like the Black Crowes. Before the Crowes developed their own identity, they were birds in Stones clothing hanging out on Main Street, playing "All Down The Line" over and over until they got it right.




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