The Big Town Sound Senders - Johnny, I Love You / Hot Stuff Soul Food

The Big Town Sound Senders - Johnny, I Love You / Hot Stuff Soul Food

A question for all of my fellow 7" single fans: How often do you buy a record based on the title alone? Also, I'm curious about what record it was, and if it lived up to the title. Lemme know in the comments!

I buy records I've never heard based on a band name or song title all the time, and this little obscure record on the Sound of the Big Town record label was purchased for both! A band named The Big Town Sound Senders performing a song titled "Hot Stuff Soul Food" just tilts my pinballs, y'all. The official a-side is a cover of Booker T. & the MG's "Johnny, I Love You" from the movie soundtrack for Up Tight. Not a bad rendition of it, albeit loose. Props to the guitarist for the clean, tasty jazz runs.

Now, the song I bought the record for wasn't quite what I was expecting (which reminds me about the whole ass, u, and me thing), but I'm not disappointed with the straight blues instrumental I received. It's a nice mid-tempo groover with more cool little guitar licks I'm digging on. Just like the other side, the song is loose enough to make the tempo wander throughout the track, but that works... for the song and me. As a loose-playing guitar player, I can relate and appreciate.

Well worth the price of admission, which was one dollar.



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