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Welcome to theoldschoolarchives.com... part radio station, part t-shirt shop... all vintage all the time! This idea started as an hour-long classic music program that wrapped up the radio morning show I (Neil Kelly... nice to meet you) hosted in Colorado twelve years ago. The OSA project turned into a full-blown internet radio station in 2014, and has been ongoing over the past 10 years (the stream is available on any page below our social media links). We (my colleague Brad Jenkins and I) now offer cool tees that reflect what the OSA is all about, which is promoting and engaging in musician culture, DJ culture, radio culture, and everything else that's old-school cool like vintage records, vintage record labels, TV nostalgia, vintage hi-fi audio, retro t-shirts, and uncommon musical instruments. Your shirt purchase helps keep the station alive and commercial-free. We hope you enjoy the station and t-shirt shop. If you reeaally love what we're doing, consider being a Patreon supporter at patreon.com/theoldschoolarchives.  With your help, we can stay on the air and move ahead with our plans for a TV stream and additional items in the store. If you have any questions or if there's anything we can assist you with, please contact us at theoldschoolarchives@gmail.com.




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